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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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a second day of dramatic bombing in the syrian capital rebels target a key military complex in damascus after twin blasts. syrian violence dominates the u.n. general assembly in new york with more regime change calls from the west intervention promoted by arab states but still no resolution. and greece's general strike it's off to a fiery start with molotov cocktails flying and police as up to
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a million people out of work. to austerity. spain braces for yet another round of cuts we asked the people on the streets for their perspective on what exactly went wrong last night. it is a great pleasure to have you with us here today to shed light for you in moscow a gun battle reportedly erupted inside the army headquarters in syria's capital damascus after the complex was rocked by two massive explosions four people have been killed in the attacks carried out by the rebel free syrian army and the bombing comes just a day after another opposition group blew up a military academy in the city in the region with the latest. two massive
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explosions rocked the syrian capital of damascus early on wednesday morning they happened to near the command headquarters of the army and the air force they were just minutes apart they also happened not far from one of the main squares of the capital city now they shot at the glass of windows of nearby buildings with some people reporting hearing those explosions several kilometers away in fact some eyewitnesses have gone as far as to say it was the loudest explosion in damascus since fighting broke out there several months ago this part of the city is covered now with huge plumes of smoke the ambulances rushed to the scene the police have cordoned off the area to prevent traffic and people from getting closer we were also receiving reports that the ministry of defense is on fire and all of the syrian information minister has said that the explosions were caused by two roadside bombs one of which he says may have been planted inside the grounds of the army command headquarters he did deny initial reports that there were casualties
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saying that no civilians or army personnel had been hurt in these explosions and this does seem plausible because it happened at around seven o'clock in the morning local time the explosions also a code not far from the headquarters of the syrian state television they are calling them terrorist attacks and they come just one day after rebels blew up a school building in damascus which they say was being used for military training so certainly the situation in the syrian capital extremely tense with a string of attacks now coming almost daily so of course want to play reporting right there will be time iran's press t.v. channel says it's correspondent maya nasa has been shot dead by a sniper while reporting on or about today's twin blasts in damascus on a boy who spent some time in syria covering the conflict and she knew him personally. i mad my on one of my trips to damascus i was the one who actually reached out to him i wrote to him on twitter saying that we should
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form a collage of the wrong side of his to reporters that cindy reference to one of the white house official camas that iran the russia china was on the wrong side of history when it comes to syria now he responded in a very humorous manner is a problem i was a very well known reporter in damascus he was receiving a lot of threats for his reporting both by phone and on his twitter account anyone could see it i relied on his knowledge sometimes on his contacts extensively as did a lot of reporters in that region both quarter is western reporters on one hand you see people dying in great numbers every day and that instills a certain sense of humility you understand that your whole life is worth nothing and that was the thing about my as well because he was reporting for an iranian station but he was a syrian and he obviously. to great care about his own country and he
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was concerned about what was happening there and he wanted to bring what he saw as the truth to the rest of the world because he always tried to go and talk to various factions within the syrian society because it was his country. of course went on a boy because there are supposed to report on her in the program and i also spoke to cummings and political analyst for the current affairs website you can call them he believes that this journalist death in question was unlikely to be an accident. the propaganda war is now take another turn and i believe that the recent shooting of the press t.v. bureau correspondent was a targeted assassination because he's working for an iranian state broadcaster so the message is only certain amount of media is allowed to perform in syria and not others it's clear now that the the hell that's been unleashed by the u.s. and their allies and the go states has now reached new levels of violence in the
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heart of syria in the capital of damascus so this is this is the result of eighteen months or two months two years of progressive planning and trying to get into the country and having foreign fighters all over all over the different regions of syria and now the violence is coming to damascus it's very very sad to see the country descending into this sort of chaos but that's to be expected. well the syrian crisis is certainly dominating the general assembly of the united nations now into its second day in new york. closely watching the high level gathering joining us now live it's good to see you today let's keep our focus now on the issue of syria who is going to speak on syria today too. well there are several leaders and foreign ministers that are scheduled to address the general assembly but british prime minister david cameron is among them it is expected that
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he will address the issue of syria of the syrian crisis and deliver some harsh rhetoric against the syrian government of bashar al assad now this harsh rhetoric was first delivered just a day ago by the u.s. president barack obama and his french counterpart and a line of both of those leaders said that the syrian government of bashar assad is over and has no place among the international community they both are rallying the general assembly to help support the syrian opposition now other countries such as brazil said that the situation in syria the crisis in syria can only be concluded or dress through diplomacy and dialogue not military intervention but then there was also qatar that said to the general assembly that if the joint special envoy for syria locks are brahimi does not find a way to solve the crisis plan b. should be a no fly zone over syria so here we still have all the the the heads of or the all
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the members of the general assembly addressing this issue but there is still a big division on how to solve this problem the merino also egypt's new president mohamed morsi he is expected to speak at the u.n. general assembly for the first time it's a curious as to what he might and so he was only about a week or two ago the american president. of the protest and to risk he said in public obama saying that america in egypt not. that's right u.s. president barack obama said that egypt is not an ally but is not an enemy and those comments of course came after the anti-american demonstrations began in egypt and in libya and then please throughout the arab world to the white house criticize the president president morsi for not condemning the violence quick enough after a u.s. embassy was attacked in cairo so at this point we do know we can expect that in his first speech to the general assembly president morsi will address the issue of this
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this film that was made in the u.s. and uploaded on you tube a very. film that sparked all this anger towards america and i'm sure that will be among the many things he will be discussing when he addresses the international body armor and of course another key figure to make his address is of course the president of iran a must move his speeches are usually so good they. still meld. that's right i don't think there's ever been a speech that the iranian president has made where there hasn't been a mess mass exodus within the first two minutes of his speaking but it usually comes when he delivers an insult to israel or questions the nine eleven attacks the president. mahmoud ahmadinejad that this will be his last address to the general assembly it is expected that he will speak about a new world order where the u.s. is not as powerful and other countries are more involved in international problems
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just a few days ago he said when speaking to a different meeting at the u.n. he said that israel has no roots in the middle east and that prompted an exodus of the general assembly so we'll have to wait to see if his speech will be a little bit different but of course it is always controversial when the president of iran visits or certainly true or important thanks so much we'll see you later. well among the addresses you can also watch at the u.n. general assembly you can find that one from julie and a son and she'll be doing a live video feed at the u.n. though of course he's still ensconced at the ecuadorian embassy that of course in london though despite his status still as a political refugee his appearance via a video link we've brought to you live here on r.t. that will be today wednesday at twenty two hundred g.m.t. . was five or i hear.
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it's a six ten pm here in moscow this is artsy but a square by the greek parliament grew into a scene of chaos today with protesters and police exchanging molotov cocktails and tear gas grenades a group itself is at a standstill a nationwide strike paralyzing industry transport and businesses up to a million people taking part in protests with around fifty thousand in the streets and parliament alone this action is against a third round of austerity think of a to fight the government if passed it would mean a deep slashes to pensions and a raise in the retirement age to about a sixty seven but attorney and professor of constitutional law at george catherine got all says austerity has shown itself to be a path that is just. for their own recipe it's in the second stage of
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recipe that's one reason the limits is not at least up to the disease itself because we see that these two years of it but austerity measures there the depth has not decreased it's now would actually be to then would usually be decided to share just a year. or into a few weeks of also this engine of economy so it's a kind of the specific we can look to reduce the debt a state where making a record a record in the leisure of people blue we set up we had at the age of social exclusion central focal it's the implosion of the government itself so i think that in the months that congo going to have to face. crisis besides they're going to run well after a short break here at r.t. will take a look at a similar anti austerity protests this time in my. druid and i one of the demonstrators who we talked to told us of systemic provocations made by the police
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in an attempt to evoke a reaction from the protesters. and a cozy relationship for profit big business scandals in the u.k. where giant companies could be owing their success to some very powerful backers deep inside the gulf. i never thought i could earn a living this way. natale a shell of oil is the norm or should test small arms so there's a lot almost a machine building plant sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no way i'm so tired of shooting. the planet's history goes from making firearms doing world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in
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the 1940's to flee the advancing germans cells here also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to for innisfail half a century it's thrived on the massive moods of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the year old truck factory brushes the number one truck maker or gravel look at how well the workplace is organized everything's done to make sure the workers don't time waiting there was production is booming in the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these giants are sold around the globe hayabusa brand new be the way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the bronx going to bed. every day i look at this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully
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if i can get up that. far to try. to get one of these to travel to one every morning let's get the cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. three. three. three. three. three. videos for your media. free media r t v dot com. live from moscow this is our.
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show thanks for joining us now other than the protests ongoing in athens at the moment there was also a riot in madrid last night tens of thousands of protesters surrounding the parliament and provoking a very harsh response from spanish law enforcement more than one hundred were either arrested or injured in skirmishes as police charged the crowds. he was in the middle of it all and reports on how false sterett he has pushed people's patience. tens of thousands of people were out on the streets in numbers but then it turned someone on it was so protesters throwing projectiles at police there's also a constant thought of fireworks being set off in and around the amassed house with them police moved in in force and they've pushed back those demonstrators chasing down making forcible arrests we see a large number being detained a large number being injured in the proceedings that followed taken away by ambulances now this has been
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a recently dogs occupied the parliament and the intention originally was so round the parliament here in madrid and try and project their message over and see us there see a noble cuts to health care spending in education the salaries and shops actually suit the squire of the for display on both sides we've heard for the chart throughout the course of the weapons our hands now when it comes to austerity well we're hearing reports there's a budget on this issue will be discussed late this week by the correspondence government projecting the budget for next year and we're already hearing that potentially there could be a freeze when it comes to cuts the health care cuts to spending on education that could really be seen as a backlash from what we've seen so far three biggest demonstrations that have been in golfing spain amateurish in recent months. find
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a more protests planned in madrid today demonstrators to clearing they will not stop until their message is heard by one of them is a victor some petro the associate professor of the euro one carlos university he says that he saw police deliberately goading protesters. what happened is that there were constant but a vocation to police they began to beat people up in various small groups at seven pm just to get the last scenes of daylight and to fear to do to do a scare the people so they wouldn't go there ninety three day began to. meet on people of course there where the demonstrators. did buy into the despair of the population leave this going to turn into a violent street what i can tell you is that the spanish population and the
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protestors they don't want they don't want to buy the news they just want to all but turn government that betrayed all. electric propulsion so that they need to the population. they can always get the very latest update as well as comments and analysis online of dot com here's some of what's already lined up for you there right now waves of anger leaders of japan and taiwan stage a real life and battleship game as tokyo's coast guard uses water cannons to repel taipei's floods away from disputed islands. plus living for let die it's a long road to hell for a texas murderer as he prepares to enter the execution chamber for a third time twice he's received a last minute stay of execution. will
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speak to katie for the business for now though the pain caused by the global financial heart attack still has the british government groping for a cure but plans for the welfare and employment cuts have been met with anger and accusations the politicians are protecting corporations from the austerity blast radius. looks at why britain's top bosses are making more money than ever. can you get that far without having friends in high places apparently not it's a march that the oil giant has been cozying up to none other than the u.k. business secretary dr vince cable cables been described as the moral center of the coalition government he's even pegged by some to succeed nick clegg as leader of the liberal democrats but it's all been called into question his links to the company behind me he acted as chief economist for the company in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. in a letter sent to the business secretary from the c.e.o.
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of shell back in march of this year the oil executive thanked the right honorable m.p. for being the contact minister for shell during cable's time that shelah faced with a number of lawsuits including and i kid station propping up a violent act to ship and a summary execution of nine activists in nigeria but fifteen million dollars later that was settled out of court the company's questionable human rights record hasn't affected easy access to u.k. government officials just last month it was revealed that shell around so-called schmoozer thorns to senior government minister says disguised this training course says but just how close is too close defense minister liam fox found out last year he had to stand down from his job. that is best friend businessman adam verity had accompanied him on different meetings overseas this year culture secretary jeremy
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hunt was revealed to have just been so friendly with the bosses of news international that he exchanged hundreds of text messages with while overseeing the bid to take over the largest broadcasting company in the u.k. hunt wasn't sacked but moved on to become head of the health department many observers say it's the u.k. ministers lack of accountability in relation to accusations such as these that concerns them the most. he watching artsy now the outrage over allegations of torture and georgian prisons has followed the country's president all the way to new york more than one hundred georgian nationals greeted villi with heckles and boos outside the united nations building and the president was there to address the un general assembly protesters demanded saakashvili is resignation in the wake of revelations of inmate abuse in the country's jails meanwhile in georgia's capital protests sparked by the prison abuse claims continued with thousands of students
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packing the city's streets the scandal broke out just ahead of elections seriously undermining the ruling party's chances. now civilian casualties from the drone strike campaign in pakistan are being severely downplayed by the u.s. government and independent report from two of america's top law schools says deaths far exceed official estimates of the impact strikes have on local communities in the damage to american pakistani relations is also virtually ignored by washington this according to the report and john a mic from the brave new foundation hopes the study opens the door for more accurate information. the government said it's exceedingly rare that civilians have been killed as a result of these drone strikes they even say they do they put the number in single digits which is absurd based on a host of different organizations that follow these things there has not been the kind. of critical reporting that should happen on something of such
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a magnitude another problem is how the government classifies people in this region any male above the age of eighteen is considered a militant by the government's own. two faced accusations about who is who is targeted how they are targeted who is a militant what milton actually means to the government. there are too many contradictions for this to be true so. it's definitely worrisome. this is all to do stay with us if you can the lovely katie pilbeam is coming your way with the business after a short break. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought.
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was a big issue. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. sub jet the emperor napoleon has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know we the bloody bottle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but as you know version twenty twelve on r.t.e. . wealthy british style. that's not on.
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the market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r t. is he eat. meat.
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well commit to business the conflicts between china and japan over the disputed islands is now willy damaging a business that says chinese people and now we're fusing to buy japanese goods in a protest forcing auto giant to react by slashing production in china the world's biggest car market a lot softer sells collapse a staggering sixty percent of the top japanese have already halted production off to security fears china is the country's biggest trading partner causing the tokyo stock exchange their all to hit another all time so the asian markets kicked off
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the declines across the globe like two markets and we're looking at wall street now which incident now trading we all the came out to close in the initial stages really taking their pressures from asia as well as that europe the protests in madrid rattling the european stocks are also struggling in the second part of the trading day with the spanish stock market now this hour down three point four percent the biggest drop in the european region dropping as i say three point four percent just that what fits in london and germany post posting declines means that the euro is also forwarding it to a more than a week low against the dollar meanwhile the russian currency is still dropping against the basket of currencies as you can see them last chance are set to close this tuesday with hefty losses as rising u.s. crude stockpiles and the oil price through a seven week the no hurting energy stocks in particular about spag because exams. are not of starting the day's trade on the london stock exchange in russia's
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biggest lead up to a modest start last week the bank raised over five billion dollars through a secondary public offering in london and moscow the bank's deputy chairman revealed to come visit further plans to alter it. we have completed an important stage of our international expansion this year and about to complete with closing off the knees bent transaction through the wrong in the nearest to three years we're not planning to do any international equations in the core banking space we need to. integrate what we have purchased make sure the competitive advantages that are so strong domestically for us become a political in the countries where we have just made an entrance. ok next year i'll tell you got an interview coming up for you of william and what he thinks is washington's ultimate goal on the ongoing causes and several systems of.


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